[Patch Notes] v2.0.2

19 November 2023

Here is the patch rundown for v2.0.2.


  • The stats of the Horus sets have been temporarily removed, and the level requirement has been adjusted from level 130 to level 1. The stats will be reinstated once the majority of the community has crafted the T2 Costume.
  • Location information for world bosses has been added to the announcements.
  • Improved the no-move zones in Enigma Temple to prevent monsters from falling down.
  • Lowered the levels of Arcadia Domain monsters from 130-131 to 120-121.
  • The Scroll of Pet Blessing is now available for purchase from the Nefarious Medallion Shop.
  • Reduced Condor Dive damage significantly.

Bug Fixes

  • You will now loot 2x Legendary Golden Axe instead of 1.
  • Corrected the Attack/HP values of world bosses.
  • The Cross of Blood AoE should now function as intended.