Speed Cluster FAQ

Ghost FlyFF's speed cluster offers the same game as the Main Cluster, besides the following changes:

  • Heavily increased Rates: Drop / EXP / Upgrading / Ultimating
  • Reduced Crafting recipe requirements
  • Reduced Dismantling results

The purpose of the Speed Cluster is to attract new players to Ghost FlyFF by allowing them to catch up with the rest of the playerbase.

We are aiming for an up time of 1 to 1.5 months. After this duration, the characters will be transfered to the Main Cluster.

The benefit would be to introduce new players who feel like they are to late to join Ghost FlyFF and catch up.
It also gives more casual players, who are not able to dedicate as much time to playing Ghost FlyFF, the chance to be introduced to our game.
On top of that, our dedicated players on the Main Cluster will have the opportunity create a new character of another class and gear them up quickly.

All characters will be merged to the Main Cluster after the Speed Cluster period has ended.

The character name which was created first will stay, the newer one will get a forced character re-name upon its first login after they are transfered over.

Yes, that is totally possible. Both Clusters will be online during the entire process.
There will however be a short downtime as we set things up. Both the Main and Speed Clusters will be put online at once after this maintenance.

Yes it will, as the Speed Cluster is solely made to attract new players to the game.
The Clusters will be the same, they will only differ in rates. As the name mentions, it is a "Speed" Cluster - it is meant to be a faster paced version of the Main Cluster.
All new updates will be applied to both Clusters simultaneously, meaning new systems or bug fixes will be applied to both.
Events will also be active concurrently on both.

Once the Speed Cluster launches, all IP bans will be lifted. This means previously banned players will be able to start a fresh journey with us.

Yes you can. Website Currencies will be universal as long the characters are located on the same account.

While the Speed Cluster is open, it is possible to play up to 3 characters on each Cluster.
Once the characters are transfered over to the Main Cluster, 3 extra character slots will be opened on accounts having characters on both Clusters.

The times for these events will be slightly different between both Clusters, which will allow players to not miss out on them if they wish to participate to all.

With our system, we will be able to update the drop rate of each item separately.
As it is not a global increase, we will be offering a lower drop rate increase for Brooch and Relic crafting materials. Since the increase will be minimal, older players should keep farming them on the Main Cluster for highest efficiency, as they will not have to go through gearing a char anew to access the dungeons.

We will continue to develop and release expansions as we go. Once the community feels ready, we will be able to release new content and equipment directly as this will be launch-ready by the time Clusters are merged.

Technical FAQ

Please refer to our Connection Guide.

Gameplay FAQ

Our server's rates are custom. In FlyFF terms, GhostFlyFF would define as a mid-rate server.

The maximal achievable level on Ghost FlyFF is 130.

Characters of maximal level are allowed to start their Hero Grade leveling, from Grade D-1 up until Grade S-10.

Hero Grade is an additional leveling system for maximum level characters.

Pick a path between Light or Dark in Northern Flaris, and start at rank D-1. By teleporting to your Hero Grade area (Bubble's Skygarden or Shade's Hallow), you will be able to level up to Grade S-10 by killing monsters having the same Grade as yourself.