[Patch Notes] v1.2.6

19 April 2023

Here is the patch rundown for v1.2.6.


  • The Season Pass objective concerning Twisted Lands will now require the user to reach Wave 20 instead of Wave 21.
  • It is no longer possible to follow other players during Barrel Wave.
  • The Season Pass objective requiring the user to obtain Penya from Missions now also includes Penya obtained from killing monsters.
    • This means the rewards from Hillid Mountains now count towards that objective.
  • The price of Cloaks in the Blue Chip Store has been halved.
  • The stats of T4 Cloak and Mask have been slightly increased.

Donor Store

  • A sale has started for the following items, and will last until 23/04/2023 at 23:59 server time:
    • All Monarchies (-50%)
    • Scrolls of Restoration and Spellbinding (-30%)

Additional Information

  • Our expansion will be launching around the middle of next week!
    • Hero Grade will be fully removed from the game, Talents/Nodes will be detached from HG and will be a standalone system, HG Skills will be moved to the lower levels of the Spirit. Other items that were obtainable via HG will be included in Nightmare Mode and various other places.