[Patch Notes] v3.1.0

02 July 2024

Here is the patch rundown for v3.1.0.


  • Level 130 cap has been unlocked.
  • People who already slotted a DEX rune now get the appropriate stats.
  • Added a timer in the dungeon leaderboards window. This timer will show when the leaderboard season ends to spawn the statues in Flaris and give the winners their blue names.
  • From now on, the more skills you tank at a World Boss, the higher damage the next one will do.
  • If your spirit reaches to level 120, a server-wide announcement will be made with your name.
  • Sword Cross has been completely removed.
  • Increased monsters their level in Dark Azria to level 130.
  • Increased monsters their level in Aetherizu Skyland to level 130.
  • Increased World Bosses their levels to level 130.
  • Increased Enigma Temple monsters their levels to level 130.
  • Increased monsters their level in Arcadia Domain to level 130.
  • Increased Nexus monsters their levels to level 130.
  • Increased monsters their level in Pantheon Continent to level 130.
  • One of the Nexus events on Sunday will happen at 12:00 server time instead of 14:00.
  • Added 2 more channels in Traseia.
  • Halved the amount of Nefarious Medallion you get from level 120 gear, in order to not flood the server with medallions.
  • Increased Knight's Auto Attack modifier from 1.641 to 1.805.
  • Increased Fury Shot cooldown from 4s to 8s.
  • Decreased the PvP Skill modifier of ASAL from 3336 to 3017.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug that caused dungeon leaderboards to reset with every maintenance.
  • Corrected the issue with the base attack power of weapons when upgrading to ultimate.
  • Light Spell should now give the correct amount of HP back.
  • Fixed a minor weapon piercing bug caused by the class change scroll.
  • Converted the wrong reroll item obtained from Season Pass to the actual one.


New Dungeons and new equipment

Three new dungeons have been added. In these dungeons, players can obtain the following, from the new tier of equipment:

  • New Armor Sets Tier: Level 130 Sets - Obtainable from Kalgas Cave
  • New Jewelry Sets Tier: Level 130 STR/DEX/INT - Obtainable from Euphresia the Island of Dreams
  • New Weapon Tier: Level 130 Weapons - Obtainable from Abyssal Cove of the Ancients


Cash Shop

  • New obtainable Treasure Chests:
    • Treasure Chest of Cosmetics 08 up to 14.

Additional Information

  • We will be trying to fine-tune PvE balance further with the next patch.
  • We will be introducing the new classes in PvP sometime this week.
  • We will make the mid-section of Guild Clash smaller to make it more enjoyable.
  • Raid dungeon will be introduced this week wednesday!