[Patch Notes] v2.3.4

10 March 2024

Here is the patch rundown for v2.3.4.


  • Adjusted all Guild Siege times to 14:00 server time. Only Sunday siege will remain at 15:00.
  • Made some preparations for the upcoming merger.

New Dungeon and new jewelry

The Colosseum dungeon has been added. In this dungeon, players can obtain the following:

  • New Jewellery Sets Tier: STR/DEX/INT

Entrances to the can be found within Madrigal, and it is possible to teleport there via the Teleporter (V). Please note that each player may enter each dungeon up to 3 times daily.


Additional Information

  • We will be conducting the server merger around the end of next week. Alongside this, we will publish a comprehensive log detailing the conclusion of our very first season, including what we did incorrectly and our plans for improvement in the future.