[Patch Notes] v2.3.2

26 February 2024

Here is the patch rundown for v2.3.2.


  • Added Scroll of Spirit Awakening and Scroll of Spirit Reversion to the World Boss Orb shop.
  • Fixed a visual bug that prevented the target VFX of Mana Reward from displaying.
  • Implemented functionality to the Lottery allowing for multiple winners on a single item. Another round of the Lottery for the Clovers has also started.
  • Added the ability to reset a brooch or relic.
  • Updated equalized gear with brooches, relics, and new cards.
  • You can now craft a 10% or (R) Card using the following materials:
    • Pork: Acquired as a drop from Zirader in the Dark Magic Prison dungeon.
    • Green Mushroom: Acquired as a drop from Koos, Typhos and Armada in the Phantomgulch Stronghold, Barncowl Palace and Diablo's Hellgate dungeon.