[Patch Notes] v2.2.3

20 January 2024

Here is the patch rundown for v2.2.3.


  • Decreased the attack speed of the final bosses in the level 130 Dragonforged dungeons.
  • Implemented a possible fix for the clash base spawning issue.
  • Adjusted the colors for the Secret Room winner.
  • Fixed issues with the dungeon leaderboards and statues system.
  • Shortened the dungeon leaderboards season from 21 days to 10 days.
  • Reduced the maximum cap of red chips from Deathmatch Arena and Royal Rumble.
  • Deathmatch Arena and Royal Rumble are now equalized game modes.
  • The minimum level requirement for Deathmatch Arena and Royal Rumble is level 130.
  • Phantom Realm bosses now have a chance to drop Blessing of the Shadows and Dragonforged Scroll.
  • Increased the droprate of Scroll of Retrogression.

Weekend Events

  • Started a Legendary (Red) Rarity items x1.5 droprate event.
  • A round of the Lottery system has been enabled! Here are the details for the people who are not familiar with the system:
    • Players may access the Lottery Window from Start->Custom Content.
    • From here, they can view a list of items they can purchase Lottery Tickets for. Please note players can buy as many Lottery Tickets as they like, in order to increase their odds of winning.
    • Every Monday at 00:00 (server time), a random Lottery Ticket will be pulled for each of the items in the list. The item will be sent via mail to the winning player.
    • Once the winners are determined, it will no longer be possible to purchase Lottery Tickets.

Additional Information

  • We will make an effort to complete a PvP balance by the end of the weekend.