[Patch Notes] v2.2.2

16 January 2024

Here is the patch rundown for v2.2.2.


  • Adjusted the movement speed of pickup pets for smoother performance.
  • Disabled the use of motions in PvP worlds.
  • The winning guild of the secret room will now have colored names.
  • Clash winning guild and top scorer will have a crown and medal badge next to their name, similar to siege.
  • Clash bases are now randomly assigned.
  • You can now disable spirit/monarchy animated names in the options window.
  • Increased drop rates in the following dungeons:
    • Mars Mine
    • Ivillis Temple
    • Dekane Mines
    • Catacombs of Anguish
    • The Savage Wilds
    • Cursed Aminus
  • All issues related to class changing with Dragonforged gear have been resolved.
  • All bosses in the Raid now have a chance of dropping Essence of Sunlight.
  • You can now selecht an item and click retrieve in your wardrobe while having a Quantum Extractor in your inventory. This action will remove the item from the wardrobe and place it back as an item in your inventory. Please note that the same restrictions on this item apply, similar to when you extract an aura.

Cash Shop

  • Removed Treasure Chest of Serendipity 01 and 02.
  • Added Treasure Chest of Serendipity 03 and 04; these will only be available for a short period as well

Additional Information

  • We've experienced some delays in the release of the new classes, but our team is working around the clock on them. We aim to release them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.