[Patch Notes] v2.0.5

24 November 2023

Here is the patch rundown for v2.0.5.


  • Added the Loot Tracker system to the level 120 dungeons. To access the window, navigate to Start > Custom Content > Loot Tracker. Accumulate points in your Loot Tracker each time you run a dungeon without obtaining any drops. Once you reach 10,000 points for a dungeon, your next run is guaranteed to drop an item.
  • Gleaming Sands [Summer Event Dungeon] has been removed from the dungeon entry window to prevent confusion.
  • You now receive DCT with 4 parts from the Champion Jewelry Set.
  • Bloody weapons now deal 1 damage in both PvE and PvP.
  • Dungeon Difficulty will automatically select the easiest existing game mode when opening the window.
  • Colossal Canyon and Lands of the Vanquished have been removed from the Missions UI.
  • Droprate effect has been added back to Embody of Power (Siege Buff), and the value has been increased a bit.
  • The attack modifiers of the Psykeepers Maximum Crisis skill have been increased in PvE.
  • Quantum Freeze has been added to Carnelia in Flaris. This can be used to insert a transmutation into your wardrobe. Please note that any player mistakes will not be rectified by us, so please be careful and make sure you're doing it correctly.
  • Elixir of Flowing Thought has been removed from the World Boss Orb shop.
  • MP stats have been removed from knuckles as they are no longer needed for ASAL.
  • The drop rates in 120 dungeons have been slightly increased. This is done due to the progression in our opinions being to slow for the first Milestone. In the long run, the gear from milestone 1 doesn't hold much significance. See it more as an introduction chapter to the game.
  • The drop rate for Fragrant Mushroom has been doubled.
  • The HP of Khan has been increased.

PvP Changes

  • The HP stats of Bloody weapons have been halved. They will be increased again as players progress further in terms of gear.
  • The price of the Bloody Axe has been reduced to 50 million.
  • Scroll of Sprint has been added to the Red Chip Store.

Bug Fixes

  • The names of some Aetherizu Skyland missions have been fixed.
  • The visual guaranteed tooltip bug of Treasure Chests has been fixed.
  • Cross of Blood now uses the correct character animation.

Additional Information

  • Final Reminder: In the upcoming patch, SW jewelry will be soul-linked, so it's important to have them on the character you want them to be linked to. In the next patch, we will further fine-tune PvE balance and add an additional skill for RM to use in PvP.
  • In the next patch, we will further fine-tune PvE balance and add an additional skill for RM to use in PvP.