[Patch Notes] v2.0.4

20 November 2023

Here is the patch rundown for v2.0.4.


  • The prices of Furniture in the Mythical Fae Coin Shop have been halved.
  • The Champions Jewelry Set now includes a DCT bonus.
  • Jingilga has been slightly repositioned to prevent it from getting stuck in the mountains.
  • The Attack and HP of all monsters in Arcadia Domain have been decreased.
  • The price of Perfect Shard in the Nefarious Medal Shop has been reduced from 25 to 20 coins.
  • Elite Membership should now display the correct perks.
  • The Dungeon Difficulty window should now display all requirements, even if you do not meet them.
  • Drop rates of Drakul, Kheldor, and Khan have been slightly increased.
  • A Cartograph map has been added to Arcadia Domain, allowing you to see where monsters are located and your character's position.
  • The penya drop rate in Enigma Temple has been nerfed.

PvP Changes

  • Changes have been made to PvP balance for level 120, and bloody weapons will be added soon. These are simple HP weapons purchasable with penya.
  • The number of lives in Royal Rumble and Deathmatch Arena has been increased from 15 to 30.
  • Royal Rumble and Deathmatch Arena now reward red chips.
  • Scroll of Superior Awakening has been added to the Red Chip Shop.
  • Bloody weapons have been added to Caesar in Flaris (PvP HP Weapons).

Bug Fixes

  • Missing buffs have been added to the Spirit Rabbit.
  • The bug causing missions to be auto-pinned when creating a character has been resolved.
  • The World Boss Daily Quest should now function as intended. Obtain the quest from the Public Official in Flaris.

Cash Shop

  • Added various Treasure Chests, they contain some guaranteed filler loot and a guaranteed unique item:
    • These are the types of Chests added:
      • Treasure Chest of Apparel contains Costumes.
      • Treasure Chest of Raiment contains Backwear items.
      • Treasure Chest of Headdress contains Hats/Hairs/Facewear items.
      • Treasure Chest of Armament contains Weapons.
      • Treasure Chest of Steed contains Mounts.
      • Treasure Chest of Companion contains Pets
      • Treasure Chest of Radiance contains Auras

Additional Information

  • Please be reminded that a guild scoring 20 or more points in siege will be rewarded with the Embody of Power Buff Level 1. Moreover, a guild achieving a score exceeding 50 points will receive the level 2 of this skill.
  • In the upcoming patch, SW jewelry will be soul-linked, so it's important to have them on the character you want them to be linked to.
  • Additionally, we are introducing a class change scroll in the next update. This scroll will allow you to convert nearly everything your character possess.