[Patch Notes] v2.0.1

18 November 2023

Here is the patch rundown for v2.0.1.


  • You can now create character names that are already in use on the main cluster.
  • The HP and Attack modifier for Dekane Mines Normal mode have been increased.
  • Dekane Mines can now be entered up to level 120.
  • The Mutant Keakoon Guard Leader boss in Dekane Mine should now drop accordingly, even if your level is far higher than his.
  • You can now leave Arcadia Domain without needing to go to a base.
  • The Jester now has an AoE attack called Escape, obtainable at level 60.
  • The level of monsters in Pantheon has been reduced from 130 to 120.

Bug Fixes

  • Flasks have been removed from level-up boxes, and all remaining ones have been deleted from the database.
  • Mysterious Treasure Chests have been removed from level-up boxes, and all remaining chests have been deleted from the database.
  • The skintone bug, which occasionally caused skintones to display incorrectly with various colors, has been corrected.
  • Ranger skills should no longer cause your client to crash.
  • The description for Dekane Mines has been corrected. It previously stated a level range of 86 to 100, but it should be up to level 120. Additionally, you can obtain lg weapons from normal mode.
  • The level requirement in the teleport window for Wilds has been corrected.
  • A visual bug with the Mission System window, not displaying the entirety of Aetherizu Skyland Missions, has been corrected.
  • All Aetherizu Skyland mission bugs have been resolved.

Additional Information

This weekend, we are excited to unveil our Treasure Chest system, featuring an array of cosmetic items. Among them are pets, costumes, backwear items, mounts, and more.