[Patch Notes] v1.3.5

14 June 2023

Here is the patch rundown for v1.3.5.

It's Summer on GhostFlyFF!

  • The continent of Flaris has received a beautiful makeover. Enjoy the sun & beaches while you hunt monsters!
  • The weapon "Bubble Launcher" has been added to the game.
  • The currency "Popsicle" has been added to the game.
  • Alwin has decided to take a vacation in Flarine. Visit them in order to see what items they have for sale. The only currency they accept is Popsicles, as they are not interested in Penyas.
  • Two new monsters have started appearing randomly across all of Madrigal:
    • Their names are the following:
      • Flowerling, which can be attacked using any Weapon. Players may obtain a Bubble Launcher from them.
      • Vine Sprout, which can only be attacked using a Bubble Launcher.
    • Defeat them in order to earn Popsicles!
  • The events lasts until 30th of June at 23:59 server time.

Flarine and its summer theme


  • The Collector Field south of Flarine has finished its renovations. You may now find a swimming pool at its location!
  • A magical portal has appeared in that pool, which teleports players to the Gleaming Sands. Dungeon Information:
    • Required Level: 100-130
    • Available Modes: Normal (Solo)
    • Monster Level: 130
    • Damage Scaling: Dynamic, requires a Bubble Launcher.
    • Players can obtain Popsicles by defeating monsters inside of this dungeon.
  • The events lasts until 30th of June at 23:59 server time.

Gleaming Sands



  • Mounts have been disabled inside of Guild Clash.
  • A Shop Finder has been added to the game.
    • It is accessible by talking to any Banker NPC.
    • Only players under the effect of Elite Membership can use this option.
    • This option allows an user to quickly search if an item is currently being sold. Please note this will not show any information about the price or the vendor itself.

Balance Changes

  • Reduced the defensive stats of the Guild Clash Guard Tower.
  • Ghalgro and Nihilus will no longer spawn monsters during the fight.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected some visual bugs affecting the Arbagon Pet.
  • Corrected a bug causing the Love Couple Suit to be invisible.
  • Corrected a bug with the Casual Revo Hair.

Donor Store

  • The following items have been added to the Donor Store:
    • Exotic Summer Key
  • Due to high demand, we have started a 50% sale on Monarchies until 18/06/2023 at 23:59 server time.