[Patch Notes] v1.3.4

10 June 2023

Here is the patch rundown for v1.3.4.

Guild Clash

Guild Clash has been added to Ghost FlyFF! Here is how it works:

  • Guilds can apply for Guild Clash at Caesar in Northern Flarine.
    • Up to 12 guilds can participate at once in Guild Clash. The highest bidders will be chosen, if more than 12 guilds apply.
  • Guild Clash will be running at the following times:
    • Every Tuesday at 15:00 server time.
    • Every Saturday at 15:00 server time.
  • When Guild Clash starts, Guild Leaders and Kingpins will be able to make the guild's line-up.
    • Up to 8 members per guild can join the line-up.
  • The system works as following:
    • When the system starts, players will be teleported to their base. Within this base, a Guard Tower will be found. Each Guild will have to defend their own Guard Tower, while attacking the other guilds' Guard Towers!
    • When a Guard Tower is destroyed, the attacking players will gain points. Guard Towers automatically respawn 5 minutes after they are destroyed.
    • Points can be obtained in the following manner:
      • Killing a player grants 2 Points. If the Guard Tower of the killer is standing, they will gain 3 bonus Points, for a total of 5 Points.
      • Dealing the finishing blow to a Guard Tower grants 10 Points. An additional 50 Points will be shared between all the participants, based on the amount of damage they've dealt to the Guard Tower.
    • All players have an unlimited amount of lives. However, please note there is a respawn time of 20 seconds when killed.
    • The match will automatically terminate after 20 minutes. The guild with the highest amount of points by then wins!
  • All active participants will be rewarded with Red Chips based on their performance.


  • Teleports have been added to each island of the Pantheon Continent.
  • Spirit Material crafting materials have been added to the Item Database.
  • All Red and Blue Chips have been removed from the server.
  • The rewards of competitive systems have been updated. Here is the new list of rewards per system:
    • Secret Room: No longer awards Blue Chips, now only awards Secret Silvers.
    • Guild Siege: No longer awards Blue Chips, now only awards Red Chips.
    • Guild Clash: Awards Red Chips.
    • Royal Rumble: Awards Blue Chips instead of Red Chips.
    • Team Deathmatch: Awards Blue Chips instead of Red Chips.
  • The schedule for competitive systems has been updated to the following:
    • Ghost Nexus (unchanged):
      • Daily: 00:00 / 06:00 / 12:00 / 18:00
    • Guild Clash:
      • Tuesday / Saturday: 15:00
    • Guild Siege:
      • Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday: 14:00
      • Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday / Sunday: 17:00
    • Royal Rumble:
      • Daily: 13:00 / 19:00
    • Team Deathmatch:
      • Daily: 10:00 / 21:00
  • Red Beads have been added to the Red Chips Store.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed a death zone in the Pantheon Continent.
  • Corrected the loot list for the Pantheon Continent in the Teleporter Window (V).
  • Corrected an issue with the item "Effole's Swimsuit Shoes".

Donor Store

  • The following items have been added to the Donor Store:
    • Haunted Key