[Patch Notes] v1.3.0

07 May 2023

Here is the patch rundown for v1.3.0.


Spiritual Guidance Expansion (Part 1)

The Pantheon Continent

The entirety of the expansion will take place in the Pantheon Continent. It is a gorgeous world comprised of multiple islands, each hosting its own set of monsters of various levels.

It is possible to teleport to the Pantheon Continent's various islands via the Teleporter Window (V).


It is now possible for players to obtain Spirits! But what are those?

Spirits are a new kind of pet, which can be equipped alongside a Raised Pet and a Buff Pet. They can be obtained via Crafting.

Spirits start at Level 1 upon obtention, and can be leveled up to Level 120 by defeating monsters within the Pantheon Continent!
Please note monsters each have their own Spirit Level within this continent. It is recommended to defeat monsters close to your Spirit's Level for the best results.

There exists 1 kind of spirit for each main stat: STR, STA, DEX, and INT.

Spirits grant stats based on their level, according to the following:

  • Level 1 to 40: +1 Stat per level
  • Level 41 to 80: +2 Stats per level
  • Level 81 to 110: +3 Stats per level
  • Level 111 to 120: +4 Stats per level
  • Please note that in PvP, Spirits only grant up to 40 Stat Points. This means a Spirit Level of 40 grants the maximal amount of stats in PvP.

Additionally, Spirits can evolve upon reaching levels 40, 80, and 120! Make sure to be on the lookout for any appearance changes with your companion. Players accompanied by a Level 120 Spirit will gain their own name effect.


Elite Membership updates

  • It is no longer possible to access the Nevermelting Snowlands nor Icy Caverns.
  • [Elite Coin Merchant] Karlov can be found in Flaris.
  • Both of these activities have been replaced with a new dungeon: Temple of Catan.
    • Using the teleport action of the Elite taskbar will teleport the player in front of the dungeon's entrance.
    • Temple of Catan is a looping dungeon with a time limit of 5 minutes, which means players can keep defeating waves of monsters until they run out of time.
    • Inside of this dungeon, players will receive the "Total Annihilation" buff, granting the following:
      • +500% PvE Damage
      • +500% Critical Damage
      • +500% Magical Skill Damage
      • +500% Max. HP
      • +200% Speed
      • Please note that it is not possible to submit records to the Record Leaderboards while the buff is active.


Other Changes

  • The Hero Grade system has been entirely removed. Here are the adjustments following that change:
    • Dracfield/Etherild is now enterable with any Level 130 character. The entrance can be found via the teleporter.
    • Hero Grade Skills have been moved to the normal skill tree. Please note they require a fitting Spirit Level to be used!
    • All Hero Grade-related rewards have been removed.
    • Hero Grade Talents are now accessible from any level.
  • Added an option to Hide Pets to the Options window.
  • Scroll of Amplification Q can now be stacked up to 5 times. Here are the scroll's stats:
    • EXP +20%
    • Spirit EXP +50%


Donor Store

  • Spirit Potion has been added to the Donor Store.
    • This item grants Spirit EXP +200% for 1 Hour.
  • The price of Scroll of Amplification Q has been adjusted.


Additional Information

  • The second part of this expansion is in development. It will include the following:
    • Nightmare Mode dungeons, which will be the hardest dungeons having a time limit to complete.
    • New PvE-only skills.
    • An Aura Wardrobe feature.